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 Greetings & Salutations~ 

We all have a story.

My name is LeAnn and I am 53 years old. I live in the Mojave Desert of Southern California.


I have two grown children (B & L) a daughter in law (J) and a grandson (Bubba) who is 3 years old. By day I am a Corporate Controller. I have several pets. This, in a nutshell, are my statistics.

It is not, however, who I am.  Nor is that my story.

To pay the rent I work with data and numbers and scads of paperwork.  But when I am off the clock I love to spend time with my family (especially Bubba who is the most amazing Little ever!) and play with photography and watch TV and read.  And I love to write.  All of these things create my story.  My story is fluid and meandering.  It takes odd twists and turns and many side trips down many paths.  Occasionally it takes a trip down a rabbit hole.  Sometimes my story is deep and insightful.  Sometimes it is funny and glib.  It may be brutally honest.  Sometimes it is written while I struggle with my weight or with depression.  Sometimes it is filled with silly stories about my cats.   While in the past this blog has mainly been about things that are funny; now it will include all things honest and vulnerable and true and even ugly.

This blog- This place- is where  I want to incite thought and muse and bravery.  I want to incite laughter and joy and connection.  I want to incite you, Dear Readers, to tell Your Story and to find Your ‘Thing’:  that place that you go where you lose track of time and space and boundaries that tell you that whatever it is isn’t valuable or noteworthy or of interest to anyone else in the world.  And I want to hear about it!

Writing is my ‘Thing’.  This blog is one place where it can be read and shared.  This is where it gets out of my head and becomes tangible.

I am so glad that you have joined me.  I hope you are moved by what you find here:  Moved to thought or action or dreams or goals.  Maybe something will touch a sore spot and incite healing or anger or motivation.  I hope that, by putting this out there, some connection might happen that comes from the realization of shared experience.  I want to both have and give that validation that comes when you believed you were all alone and you realize that you are not.

Sometimes convincing you is convincing myself.  Inciting you will be inciting myself.  Motivating you will motivate myself.


Of course, if I can make it funny- I most certainly will. 

Love, Always……


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