911 Memorial

The day Monica and I spent at the 911 Memorial was probably the most emotional and moving day of our trip.  We knew this would be the case when we went there and it certainly brings back all those memories of that horrible day.  The exhibits have many tributes and many artifacts of things discovered in the wreckage.  There are news feed videos and audio tapes of people making their final phone calls to loved ones.  It is truly indescribable and I feel so blessed that we were able to go there.  Pictures are not allowed in much of the museum and it just wasn’t possible to get a really clear shot of the memorial fountains as they are very big and there were a lot of people– I did my best.  If you click on the picture you will get a bigger viewing. 

The wall with all the blue ’tiles’ is actually a mosaic of sorts and it is huge.  Survivors were asked what color the sky was that day and then all those representations were put up there.  There is a new steel and glass structure that is some sort of memorial that is right next to the museum but I did not see any information on what it is– clearly it will be beautiful when it is finished.


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