5 Things To Do On A StayCation Weekend

I love me some alone time.  Some blogging time.  Some quiet time.  Some TV watching time.   Naps, naps and more naps. I learned to enjoy my company by necessity when I became a single mom who’s kids had their weekends away with their dad a couple times a month.   Now I crave my time on my own.

These days staying home isn’t a good option for my alone time.  There are two major reasons for this:  Chores and Grandson.

Seems like if I am home I am going to be working on laundry or dishwashing or renovations or something and stopping to relax just doesn’t happen.  Secondly if my grandson knows I am home he is stalking me; pounding on my door, calling out in his little pathetic voice for NahNah…. and I can’t resist that.

Since I don’t especially like to drive faraway and hotels on the beach are very expensive I decided to stay in a nearby town where the nightly rate was only $99.00 a night with free breakfast.


View Of Fabulous 14 Freeway

I arrived Friday afternoon with a small coffee thermos and some snacks with the intent to not leave the hotel until Sunday after noon.   I almost accomplished this—- but had to drive home because I discovered I had my daughters wallet.  Apart from that I barely left my room.  It was heaven.  Here are 5 things I did

#1)   Slept.  Went to bed early.  Slept in late.  Took several naps.  No toddler banging on my door.  No cats making biscuits on my chest. No doggie whining to go out.

#2)  Ordered room service.  Actually only did this one time for dinner but also ordered dessert.  The rest of the time I relied on piling up the free breakfast and taking it up to my room after filling up my thermos with coffee.

#3)  Watched some movies on my laptop.  Dragged my comforter and pillows off the bed over to the couch (yes, $99 for a suite dang it!) and watched some movies.

#4)  Colored and did crossword puzzles.  Yes I do have an adult coloring book and colored pencils.   It is very relaxing.

#5)  Wrote on my blog as much as I wanted.  Did some research.  Figured out how to send notifications finally.   Wrote this post. Bought some photo editing software.


What do you like to do with your “ME” time??

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4 Comments on “5 Things To Do On A StayCation Weekend

  1. I didn’t think there was any town “nearby”….Just desert…..LOL

  2. Susie: judging from the picture I’m not sure she left Lancaster, but it all looks the same to me.

    And Geez, my Wayne-time is all spent working on the house. I’ll take inspiration from you yet again, and next weekend I’ll take my glue gun and find a cheap hotel that will serve me breakfast in bed. However, I will NOT color.

    • I went to Palmdale!! So I DID leave town. And it took me 10 minutes to get home! For this kind of weekend it was all about goofing off in my room and not sight seeing so it was fine to stay near home. It just happened to be the cheapest hotel in the valley.

      I spend soooo much time on the house too. I am so tired of it. I am still mid renovation. The contractor has done a lot of work but there is lot yet to do.
      And coloring is way more fun than you would imagine. I highly recommend it.
      Love you!!

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