5+ Things That Suck About Living With Your Grandchild!

So you know that my daughter and grandson live with me.   And, for the most part, this is wonderful.  Sometimes it isn’t.  For the sake of Brevity***  here are Five things that Suck about Being A Live In NahNah ( in no particular order) (Okay there are more than 5 but I do ‘5’ lists so…)

1) Not going to the bathroom alone.  You think you are past this when your kids are into their double digit years.  But along comes Snoopy Child:  The Next Generation.  And he is accompanied by Callie The Wonder Pup and the Kitty Cat Twins.

2) Keeping your mouth shut when you would parent differently.  This is a rough one.  I am not really great about this.  I can’t even imagine how horrible it would have been to live with my parents– in fact I have blocked it out that I EVER lived with my parents.  

3)  It is Expensive!   I see toys I think I would like   Parker would love and they jump in my shopping cart.   Parker loves books– just like me!!! And there are diapers and wipes and car seats until they are 21 yrs old and strollers and fruit snacks and on and on and on…   I never thought I would be (essentially) starting a new family at 50 years old so now I know I will drop dead at my desk at work.  I would worry that no one will notice but I am confident that as soon as it was Friday someone would miss their paychecks.  No retirement in sight.  

4)  Peanut Butter.  Parker doesn’t like a lot of protein foods so he eats a lot of peanut butter.  Peanut butter doesn’t come off stuff.  You can rinse a knife used to make a PB  sandwich ALL DAY LONG and the peanut butter WILL NEVER COME OFF!  And wet peanut butter = EW    Recently I gave my sweet wonderful grandson a few bites of peanut butter only to discover later on that he was spitting them out on the table and fingerpainting with it on my glass topped coffee table.   Yeah, he did do that.  

5) Little Kids TV:     Caillou.  Thomas the Tank Engine.  My Little Pony.  Pajamainals.  Chica.   Kipper the Dog.  Sesame Street.  Bearstein Bears.    But Mostly Caillou.  I hate that kid.

6)  Adorable Grandchild Stealing and/or getting into your stuff.    Parker got ahold of my expensive blush the other day.  I wish I had pictures but I was (alternately) laughing and scolding.  It would have lasted the whole rest of my life because a little tiny bit is all you need, but a whole pot of it makes you look like an Ooompa Loompa.  Also stealing the ONE DANG COOKIE you got for YOUR treat and had in YOUR bedroom.  That one hurts.

7)  Trying to get your  I Already Raised My Kids And I Want My Alone Time when your adorable funny grandchild is sobbing “NAH NAH” and banging on your door!

8)  Trying not to laugh when you scold your errant adorable grandchild.  Also trying to decide if taking a picture of him and putting it on instagram is underiding your authority.

** Today’s vocabulary word is “Brevity”

noun brev·i·ty \ˈbre-və-tē\

: the use of few words to say something

: the quality or fact of lasting only for a short period of time



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