5 Things I Want People To Know About…. Pitbulls Guest Blogger: Stacy Rittel

Meet Stacy & Her Best Buddy, Gypsum


It was October 8, 2010 and I had been in my house for a few months.  I knew I wanted a dog.  I visited the local Humane Society and had a list of about 5 dogs I wanted to spend time with to see how they were outside of their kennels. I was still looking and was in the last row of dogs when, in the very last kennel was this skinny brown dog that was sitting there thumping his tail.  The look he gave me was one of the “Please pick me!  Take me home!”  He had this goofy grin, which is typical of his breed and it was instant love at first sight.  The other dogs disappeared from my mind and I brought Gypsum home that hour.  5 years later I can’t imagine him not in my life.  He’s gone from a scared, abused dog to one that gets whatever he wants.  He is my life and my best friend.

Here are 5 Things I Want People To Know About Pitbulls:

#1  They really just long to be loved and cuddled

#2  They will do anything to make their humans happy (and when you laugh at them, they continue to do whatever it is that made you laugh)

#3  They would rather lick your face than eat it

#4  They ARE Bed hogs

#5  Yes, they have a bad rap, but blame the owners, not the breed.  They are not raised to be aggressive.  Once again, HUGE cuddle bugs!!  So if you see one at a shelter, just remember they want love too and it may just end up being the best dog you ever had!

(I can think of much more, but since this is a list of 5 I will stop here.  All my guy wants to do is eat, sleep and get attention.)


Note From LeAnn:   I asked Stacy if I could take this opportunity to bring attention to a horrible situation in my area.  As of this past week, 9 dogs have been attacked and burned with some sort of chemical.   The day we adopted Loki and Thor, the beautiful sweet golden retriever in this story (Fergus) was brought in to the shelter and personally saw what harm had been done to him.  He was obviously in so much pain but still was wagging his tail and greeting people.  This really hits home with us.    The reward for information on this is up to $50,000 and I would ask that you send prayers or good thoughts or whatever it is that you do to these poor doggies and the police as they search for the monsters who are doing this horrible, horrible thing.

Here is a link to the news story about Fergus and the other animals.

AV Animals Harmed

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