5 Things I Love About Being Unemployed

I was going to write a post about how I am doing with my job search but I depressed myself.  So, instead, here is my list of 5 Things I Love About Being Unemployed:

#5       Gotten all those pesky errands run.  (Which includes moving my sad little 401k into another financial institution because nothing feels better than realizing you should have gotten a job with a 401k 20 years ago)

#4      Get to sleep in. In theory. So far the latest I have slept was 7:45.              

#3      Re-organized most of my house. At least once, sometimes twice. Tried to organize my cats. First by age (Layla, Figaro, Josie, Thor, Luna, Salem) Then by Size (Layla, Figaro, Thor, Salem, Josie, Luna).  I tried to sort by color but they are all different (Layla: Tortie, Figaro: Tuxedo, Thor: Ginger, Josie: Calico, Luna: Gray, Salem: Black) Then by eye color…..

#2       Finally got caught up on all those TV shows I never knew I wanted to watch. This includes the live feed of Big Brother (FYI right now Victor is working out, James is in the shower, and everyone else is in the bathroom yawning.)

#1       Get to take a nap every day. That is the best.  


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