St Patrick’s Day Horror

Yesterday was St Patrick’s Day!     WOO HOO!!

In honor of the day, Lauren & I cooked a mostly traditional Irish meal of Corned Beef and cabbage.  Kinda.  The recipe called for a can of Guinness.  Now, neither of us are beer drinkers but we were willing to give it a try and in the spirit of the day got a few cans for the corned beef and also for some beer bread Lauren was going to make.  st-pats-5

So we open the can of beer and when we are measuring the beer for the bread Lauren hears something in rattling around in the can of beer.   (insert very scary music)     Of course our imagination runs away with us as we wonder if we really want to know WHAT THE HECK IS IN THIS CAN or just throw away all of our food and try not to think about the mouse in our can of beerst-pats-7

Or the severed finger in our can of beer st-pats-6

or the TEENSY WEENSY SPIDER in our can of beer

st-pats-9Or even THIS


But, before we freaked out completely the more sensible person in the room, Lauren, Googles this and we discover that GINNESS puts a PING PONG ball in the can so the foam comes out in the best possible way


So we settled ourselves down and finished cooking and ended up with a lovely corned beef and some potatoes and balsamic roasted brussel sprouts (aka tiny little cabbages) and green bread.


And she even made Thin Mint Brownies for dessert.  But I didn’t take a picture of that because only self obsessed people post pictures of their food.

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