Christmas Card Fiasco

Time for Family Christmas Pictures! 

We tried to get these done awhile back but my Ugly Christmas Sweater didn’t fit. Strike 1   So I ordered one that adds an extra 100 lbs.  BUT IT FIT!

So we went out and first used my very nice digital camera on a tripod…. and the memory card apparently has lost it’s memory which we did not discover until we were packed up and in the car.  Strike 2 So we tried again using my tablet.  Unfortunately my photographer’s finger was covering part of the lens. 

That was strike 3.   And an exhausted toddler just wasn’t going to try for #4 so we just made do with what we had.

All in all it still gets the job done: 

 Merry Christmas and all the Seasons Greetings (to those who celebrate in other ways!)

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8 Comments on “Christmas Card Fiasco

  1. Love the last picture………….And your “Tah-Dah”……..Totally you!!!…LOL

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  2. Favorites: Family with finger the sequel and your Tah Dah. Parker looks so excited in the sequel, and you look like you’re right out of A Clockwork Orange.

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